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    When is a blank cell not a blank cell? (2002 SP3)

    No, this shouldn't be in Puzzles Forum!

    If you select a column and then ask Excel to Go To...->Blanks, it only considers cells to be blank if the "LastCell" property is set in or to the right of that column.

    Likewise, if you select a row, the "LastCell" property must be in or below that column.

    There doesn't actually have to be anything in the Last Cell however.

    Just thought that this information might be useful, 'cos it didn't seem to be documented in the help.

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    Re: When is a blank cell not a blank cell? (2002 SP3)

    This is by design, and it's probably what most users expect. In most situations, it wouldn't make sense to select the millions of unused blank cells beyond the last used row and column.

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