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    'transpose' in Excel

    Am trying to move 218 rows and 15 columns 90degrees to make 218 columns and 15 rows for easier downloading of data in the future to SPSS.
    The transpose function should do this, correct?
    Have tried it, and the whole program defaults when I attempt to copy it to another spreadsheet in the Excel document.
    Do I have to go cell by cell?

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    Re: 'transpose' in Excel

    There are 2 ways to do this:
    If your data is in Sheet1!A1:O218 and you want to transpose it into cells Sheet2!A1:HJ15

    Method 1: Use the TRANSPOSE function
    Select range Sheet2!A1:HJ15 and enter the following formula
    This needs to be entered as an array formula (press Control+Shift+Enter and not just Enter)

    Method2: Use paste special
    Select range Sheet1!A1:O218 and copy it to the clipboard
    Go to Sheet2!A1 and select "Edit>Paste Special" and select the transpose option

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