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    Video Cable Halts reboot

    I have never seen anything like this so perhaps someone can help unravel this conundrum.
    On an freshly formatted hard drive with windows XP home (not a new machine Celeron 13.gz), the boot halts sometimes right after the DOS text, and sometimes after the Windows splash screen with the scrolling bar. If I unplug the video cable from the back of the computer, the boot process proceeds to completion, I replug in the cable, the monitor comes on and all is well.

    I did do some diagnostics.
    When the CPU is installed on My monitor at home, all goes well.
    The same monitor and cable used on an older win 98 machine all goes well.
    Simply turning off the monitor power switch on the face. the boot process halts.
    The only things I did not try was to unplug the power to the monitor and then reboot to see what happens.

    For now the client is ok with unplugging the cable when she reboots each day or so. I am uncomfortable with workarounds for my clients but I cannot figure what could even cause this particular set of symptoms.

    Any Isuggestions or ideas woudl be appreciated however it is at a clients house so I can't just try everything as it comes out. She is willing to work with me and I will pass on any ideas which she can try.

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    Re: Video Cable Halts reboot

    It looks like you don't have a good driver for your plug-and-play MONITOR. Drivers are different for different Windows versions, that's why you didn't have this problem under Windows 98. When you shut down your PNP monitor during bootup, Windows loads generic driver for VGA monitor that's working OK. But when Windows is trying to load your monitor-specific driver, you've got the error.
    Search Internet for the driver for your monitor, starting at your monitr's manufacturer website. The driver must be for Windows XP, but a driver for Windows 2000 will also work. Drivers for other operating systems are not acceptable.

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