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    lookup table (Access xp)

    I have created a database to track applicants eligibility process. Just recently, I was approached to add a new field to find out how applicants know about our program (through Friend, Family, School, other etc.)
    So I created a lookup table and added a new field 'AppSource' to an existing table (tblHouseHold), and created relationships.
    1. On my form I do not see the dropdowns.
    2. How should the query look like so I can get a total # for each AppSources. For example 80 applicants learn about our program throug Friend, 50 applicants learn about our program thrugh School etc.


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    Re: lookup table (Access xp)

    1. Creating a relationship does mean that you get a dropdown list automatically. You can create a combo box for AppSource manually, or using the Combo Box Wizard. To use the wizard, make sure that the Control Wizards button on the Toolbox is "down". If you then put a new combo box on your form, the wizard will help you to set it up. Select the first option in the first step, then click Next; the rest should be self-evident.

    2. Create a query based on your table. Select View | Totals or click the Totals button on the toolbar to change it to a totals query.
    Add AppSource and an arbitrary other field to the query design grid.
    Leave the Total option for AppSource as Group By, and set the Total option for the other field to Count.

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