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    Setting Bookmark fails to find record

    I have been using bookmarks to allow me to sort records displayed on a form. A combobox allows the user to select a sort field and I then use that to set up and apply a SortBy. In order to return the display to the same record, I have stored a record ID (field) prior to the re-sort, and then done a FindFirst on the RecordSetClone to relocate the required record.

    Recently I have found that this fails. The FindFirst succeeds, but when I synch the main recordset to the clone using the bookmark, I find that it has lined up a different record.

    It never fails if I step through manually, and if I insert a delay loop, that also _seems_ to fix it. The database is in a linked back end, and has about 250K records. I am doing this in Access97.

    Are there any issues of which I need to be aware in doing this, please? I can post relevant code segments, but if this is a known issue, or if I am doing something wrong, the answer may be a simple one.

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Setting Bookmark fails to find record

    There are some bugs in recordsetclone navigation, and there was much wailing and tooth gnashing a couple of years ago when everyone realized it.

    Are you creating a brand new recordsetclone each time? If not, do so and destroy it at the end of the find routine. I've used it (carefully) like that for years without running into this kind of problem, so you might post the relevant code to see if anyone spots a logic error that could be biting you.

    I suspect, though, that the problem is the size of the recordset. You would be better off limiting the recordset to a reasonable number at any given time rather than trying to navigate the whole thing. Access starts returning records before it finishes loading or reloading the whole recordset, just to keep you from getting bored with the wait, and that might be what's throwing your navigation off.

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