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    Creating Worksheet Templates-A success (XL97 --->)

    Hi All

    Some of you maybe aware that have responded to my various questions over the last few months that I have been trying to create a set of Workbooks that create templated worksheets that can be sent to a drive folder and later consolidated using another workbook <post#=389440 >post 389440 </post#>.

    First, I want to thank the HansV, Brook and Legare for their patience as I was making some stupid mistakes and secondly I thought I would post it here if people wanted to use it for future use. You will have to go into the code and change the Directory path to get it to work on your PC though.

    The front page has a list of 200 Offices, this list can be changed from 2 to 200 entries, just make sure you have an incremental list in the left column. I am sure it can beimproved, but it is working at the moment and I am happy this end!!!

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    Re: Creating Worksheet Templates-A success (XL97 --->)

    I'm glad it works well for you. Thanks for sharing the result with other Loungers.

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