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    Install WMP file WMV-9 VCM RTW? (Firefox 1.0PR)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by jscher2000 on 12-Oct-04 10:43. Mistaken the first time.)</P>I was stunned by this dialog, since it looked just like a "permission to install ActiveX control" dialog. However, from Googling, it appears that anyone who does not yet have Windows Media Player 9 or higher and who wants to view a video encoded for WMP 9 needs to download this codec (saying No just plays the audio).

    So how does it work? Firefox is not supposed to instantiate ActiveX controls in general, but it seems to have some special handling for media players. Apparently during the process of passing the URL to Windows Media Player, the program/control/plug-in determines that the codec needs updating, downloads it to a temp file, and then displays the authentication dialog. Is this something internal to WMP, or part of Firefox? I'll be curious to see if this shows up on any other sites or for any other kind of media.

    (I probably also should update WMP...)
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