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    Visio2000 Hyperlinks...


    I have drawn some diagrams in Visio2000 & saved the page as HTML. I want to make a hyperlink between certain parts of the diagram & some Word files.

    I make the hyperlink to the physical file, but when converting to a WebPage, the links don't work - I just get a "Page can't be found" error.

    Pls. can you suggest any potential solutions?


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    Re: Visio2000 Hyperlinks...

    i just made a floor map of the supervisors in my building. when you put your mouse over there desk (it has there name in the box) a box comes up giving out information (eg. section# and phone#) and when you click on it it take you to a supervisor listing page w/ there name on the top and if you click again then you send an email to them.

    i did it 2 ways - the first time i measured the distance inbetween there desks and used the chords method to add a hyper link. this was very time consuming and was prone to errors and took me a long time to correct.
    the second time if you rt click on the object in visio you can select hyperlink and then type the hyperlink in the box .. much easier

    good luck

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    Re: Visio2000 Hyperlinks...

    You share my frustrations of what I consider to be a catch 22 situation if you want "objects" in visio .vsd files, saved as htm files to link to word .doc files, using relative links, all sitting in the same parent dir.

    1) When you save a .vsd in .htm there are a number of supporting files created. Sometimes some of the supporting filenames have the same filename between multiple .vsd conversions. That being the case you have to save each .vsd to .htm conversion in its own directory. Herein lies the catch 22.

    By saving each .vsd as .htm in its own dir the relative link path becomes incorrect and furthermore does not follow the "hyperlink base" setting if you have changed it in the .vsd file. This value appears to be lost in the conversion and as result you will onl ybe able to link to word files that are in the same dir as the original .vsd file

    So a workable scenario is placing all the .doc and .vsd files in the same dir, creating a separate dir for each .vsd file and saving the .htm there.

    c:mainvisio1.vsd (containg objects that are relatively linked to doc1 and doc 2)
    c:mainvisio2.vsd (containg objects that are relatively linked to doc1 and doc 2)

    Its not ideal to have everything in the same dir especially if you have a lot if files, but beggers cant be choosers.

    Note : you could also place a link from the Word .doc files to cross reference the visio files but with the following caveats,
    In a single page viso file you could point to wither the .vsd or .htm
    In a multi page Visio file you can only get to a subsequent page if you reference the .vsd file...using the "Sub address" box. Pointing to the .htm file with "Sub Address" = page -2 will only take it to the first page.

    I may have missed something but my analysis thus far of the capability is disappointing.



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    Re: Visio2000 Hyperlinks...

    Ignore my previous post. That structure (placing .vsd converted .htms in their own dir) will not in fact work the hyperlink base value is lost irrespective of whether you set it or not. is lost in the conversion.

    So its worst than I thought.

    In fact from what I can gather , relative hyperlinks will only work if,
    1) You put all the visio pages in ONE .vsd file and save as htm (this conversion will resolve the same file names issue)
    2) Ensure all the .doc and the files in (1) are in the same dir. And .docs in nested dirs will not work.

    Other things I have found if you want link between the visio pages (in one file).
    1) If you set the link to a page (which you can rename if you choose) it will work.
    2) While you can link to a button on a page, it will only work when navigating in .vsd format. The link wont work at all when the file is converted. Remove the button reference i.e. leave just the page and within .htm it fine.

    So as far as I can tell if you want to link in relative mode,
    1) between visio files in .htm mode.
    2) viso to word and word to visio

    You need to,
    1) have them all your viso pages in one file
    2) Any linking between the viso pages is restricted to a page level only.
    3) Any word docs have to be in the same dir as the .htm file

    Seems overly restricting to me.


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