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    Access 2000 Report Suggestions (SP3)

    I have to create a new telephone directory for our firm, however, they don't want it too different from the way it is now, which is as follows:

    Extension Employee Name (Last Name of Secretary - extension)
    1234 Smith, John (Fitts - 1543)

    This works fine for the attorneys, however, secretaries may have up to 4 attorneys they work for, so it looks like this:

    1234 Fitts, Karen (Smith, Doe, Greene, Brown)

    When I print the report now, the names in parenthesis print down the page instead of across.

    I have a separate table for support, is there a way I can have those names print on one line between parenthesis?


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    Re: Access 2000 Report Suggestions (SP3)

    Does the record source of the report look like this?

    <table border=1><td>Extension</td><td>Last</td><td>First</td><td>Attorney</td><td align=right>1234</td><td>Fitt</td><td> Karen</td><td>Smith</td><td align=right>1234</td><td>Fitt</td><td> Karen</td><td>Doe</td><td align=right>1234</td><td>Fitt</td><td> Karen</td><td>Greene</td><td align=right>1234</td><td>Fitt</td><td> Karen</td><td>Brown</td></table>
    If so, you need to group the report on the secretary name, and concatenate the names of the attorneys for each secretary. See <post#=301393>post 301393</post#> for a custom concatenation function Concat that can be used for your purpose.

    If your record source doesn't look like that, please provide more details.

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