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    Distribution list entries disappear (OE 6.00)

    I have user who users OE 6.00 under Win2K. She recently began complaining about entries disappearing in her distribution lists.
    She adds entries to a list, closes the list but when she goes back to check it random entries are gone.
    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Distribution list entries disappear (OE 6.00)

    Have you seen this firsthand? Reason I ask is often a user's definition of the problem bears little resemblance to what's actually happening!

    For instance:
    - Is there a maximum number of entries specified, so adding new ones deletes old ones?
    - Is she recreating the list each time or editing the existing one (ie creating a copy, perhaps, rather than using the original)?
    - Are the disappearing entries actually random or is there a discernible pattern?
    - Having edited, is she saving the changes on closing or just closing?
    - Taking it down to its lowest possible level, are the names actually disappearing or are some short enough so two fit on one line and she's not noticing?! Or,
    - Is the list off the edge of the screen and she hasn't used the scroll bar? (I'm not making this up, these are actual things I've had happen when I was on helpdesk!)

    Have fun!
    Beryl M

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