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    Ghosting Monitor (Windows XP)

    We updated to Windows XP Professional on two computers. One was already Windows XP Home. The other older machine had Windows Me. Both machines have MAG LCD monitors. The former WIndows Me monitor now has ghosting on the icons, words, etc., anything placed over the background. Tried an updated driver but that didn't help. Tried the XP troubleshooter but that couldn't solve it. Switched the monitors between the two computers and both monitors have this problem on the Me machine. Both computers are HP Pavilions but the former Windows Me one is a couple of years older. Also interesting, the Me machine shows the monitor as a plug and play device in device manager and shows the driver, etc. On the newer machine the monitor doesn't show up at all in the device manager, also no info on driver, etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated. If I look at the monitor too long it gives me a headache. Thanks!

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    Re: Ghosting Monitor (Windows XP)

    First, I'd suggest that you have the most current XP drivers for the monitor and the video card. Then right click My computer and select Properties | Advanced. Then 'Settings' in the Performance section. On the Visual Effects tab select Custom and try un-checking some of the show shadows selections. ALso, go to XP Power Toys and download the ClearType Tuner power toy. Take a look at the others particularlt TweakUI while you are there.


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