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    Open .dat file (2003)

    A colleague in Colorado has routed a Word document to several members of a team of writers who are scattered over every corner of the country. The message came to my personal edress, which I access via my ISP's webmail service, and the document was an attachment. There's a link: "Open attachment: winmail.dat". I downloaded the file, but my computer is asking me to appoint an application to open it. I'm clueless.

    So I forwarded the message to my corporate edress, which I access with Outlook 2003. Now the message appears as nothing but plain text

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    Re: Open .dat file (2003)

    Hi Lucas

    The problem lies with how the e-mail message was sent by your colleague. Show them this MS knowledge base article on preventing sending out winmail.dat files.

    For a discussion on the subject see dealing with winmail.dat files and to decode winmail.dat you can use WMDecode

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