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    Problem Read-only/Object link files (Access 2000 (9.0.3821 SR-1))

    I am have a problem with the read-only table after opening one Object/Linked/file. Once one Object/Linked/file has been opened on a row, the keyboard and mouse lock up. The only thing that can be viewed without closing down the table/query is the same Object/Linked/file that was first opened. If the Access file is not in read-only it works properly. I need help as I have several persons with read-only status to these files.

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    Re: Problem Read-only/Object link files (Access 2000 (9.0.3821 SR-1))

    Are two people trying to open the same OLE file - in general that doesn't work as the files are single user and are locked once they are opened. In general we discourage the use of OLE objects, as they tend to bloat the database, and cause issues of the type you are experiencing. We recommend instead a hyperlink to the file location - that does of course mean you have to do some maintenance work to make sure files don't get moved or deleted by users.

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