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    POP connection keeps dropping

    I originally posted this in the Outlook forum, as it seemed to be an Outlook issue, but I since found this forum!

    Using Outlook 2003, SP1, I have a problem with my POP server. It keeps disconnecting, about every five minutes or less. I've talked endlessly with my ISP tech support, but they insist the problem is my end. They may be right, since I have two Outlook profiles, one for me and one for my wife. We have the same ISP and POP server and hers never disconnects (grrrr). My internet connection is not being dropped, as I can browse the web and send mail. I'm using DSL on an SBC connection.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: POP connection keeps dropping

    I have 7 email accounts with my ISP and occasionally, I get the same problem you do on one or two of the accounts. Usually, it clears by itself after a few hours.

    Can you access that account through webmail? (assuming your ISP offers webmail)

    What I have had to do before, is to delete the account in Outlook completely, close Outlook, and recreate the account. I don't know why it gets corrupted but does. Note, if you have email you want to keep, export it first then import it after recreation.

    Make sure something else is not holding your account open, like a spam checker or an email client on another machine checking the account.
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