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    Windows 2000 nags

    This is a triple header - 3 questions in one. There is a bonus question at the end
    for any one with insomnia. I've searched through the WOPR Posts and haven't yet
    found specific answers to these.
    I'm running (or should I say it's running me) an IBM 450 PC 300PL Type 6892
    with Win 2000 w/ SP3
    How do I:
    - Change the boot sequence so I boot from the floppy, then CD, then Hard drive ?
    What I want to do is format the hard drive then re-install W2K, so, I'll also need
    any fun facts to allow me to complete that task.
    Currently my c/puter only boots from Hard drive and want to format that hard
    drive. I cannot see anything in the bios set-up that would allow/disallow this.
    The floppy light comes on and it whirrs and humms, but a boot-disk in the
    drive and/or a W2K CD in and they end up just sitting there while the c/puter
    ends up booting from the hard drive.
    - Stop Windows from repeatedly running the "Protected File Check" ?
    The first couple of times I'd go through the whole ritualistic thing, but now I
    just quit ("X" out) and everything runs fine.
    - Change my display setting and keep Windows from changing them back ?
    I've gone through Control Panel till I know the motions blindfolded.
    I've changed and then renamed the DESK.CPL file(s), and re-installed
    the display driver. All to no avail. When it boots up the screen
    "Loading your personal settings" comes up in 600x800 when it was set
    (repeatedly) to come up as 1024x768.

    While we're at it, here's an oldy but goody: When my phone line is plugged
    in and the phone rings, the computer hangs. I've posted this one before, tried
    the suggestions (thanks to all), but haven't found the true solution yet . I'm
    almost getting used to it, and I look at it as one of the best firewalls around (not).
    As we speak/type, I'm cruising the web for yet another round of "newest" drivers
    to install.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Re: Windows 2000 nags

    Q1 This is a BIOS setting, and what it's called depend on your BIOS manufacturer. Usually it is named something like Boot Sequence (surprise!). The last IBM I worked on was a PS/2 model 80, so I can't tell you precisely what it's called on a slightly newer model...

    Q2 Can you give the precise wording of your message about "Protected File Check". This phrase doesn't appear on Google OR or the Microsoft TechNet Knowledgebase.

    Q3 Changing the display settings SHOULD stick, provided they get written back to the registry. Have you tried the
    Right click on open part of Desktop -> Properties -> Settings, etc
    which is probably the same as going via Control Panel -> Display? Does your monitor actually allow 1024 x 768 at whatever colour depth you're trying to set it to?

    It's tempting to suggest that you only connect your modem to the phone line when you want to use it online, but I won't do that...

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    Re: Windows 2000 nags

    1. Your right, it was a BIOS setting. Thanks
    2. I can't get the exact text now, I've re-formatted. I couldn't find on Google/www either that's why I tried here. Thanks again.
    3. I ended up doing a registry search and removing one of those entries. That was the only way. I agree that changing the settings SHOULD but...Thanks again again.
    4. Maybe this will be cured after the re-format & re-install. Which brings up another question.
    5. The Windows 2000 CD SETUP command won't run from the COMMAND PROMPT. How do I install W2K ? I'll be trying the W2K boot discs I made but is there another way ? I booted from a W95 bootable but without installing W95 I only get a command prompt.

    I appreciate your response, as your the only responder you must be a real WMVP ;-}

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