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    Outlook Keyboard Problems (Outlook 2002 SP3)

    I have a Sony Vaio V505 Running Windows XP --- am having an increasing problem only in Outlook with missed keystrokes.

    Have deleted keyboard from Device Manager and rebooted but the problem remains --- only with Outlook. All other typing (including this) is fine so it's not the keyboard itself.

    Any ideas please --- is the next step to remove and reinstall Outlook ??

    Thanks James Warren

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    Re: Outlook Keyboard Problems (Outlook 2002 SP3)

    The keyboard buffer does seem to be paused while Outlook checks mail, but unless you are a wicked fast typist, I wouldn't expect that the input would be completely lost. You could try temporarily lengthening the time between mail retrievals and see if the problem becomes less pronounced.

    If the problem is literally that just a few letters are missing here and there, I'm not sure what could cause that. I think there might be a setting to correct your spelling without asking you (under the AutoCorrect options, maybe). It's best to turn that offi.

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