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    Hooking up Satelite TV to computer

    Not sure if this is the right "neighborhood" for this but if not, please direct me. I hooked up my Direct TV to my computer through a composite (?) connections on the Direct TV box and the Pinnacle Vision Board. It works nicely and the picture is more than adequate. Would I get a better picture using the S-video connection on each unit ? Thanks in advance for any help !!!

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    Re: Hooking up Satelite TV to computer

    You should see a much improved video display with S-Video over Composite. Better yet, if supported, is component video.

    Note that not all S-Video cables are equal - and price does not necessarily equal quality. For example, I paid a premium for Monster Cable S-Video cable. When I hooked it up, I had a crystal clear Black and White image. It was supposed to be color! I opened the connector housing and discovered some of the worse soldering I have seen in my life. Big globs of solder, birdcaging on the leads, and cold spots in the solder. As a long time electronics technician in the AF, I used to train new troops in soldering techniques and this example was worse than some the my trainee's first attempts. For non techie types, when soldering, less is better; birdcaging is cause when the insulation gets too hot and it separates back from the conductors; cold spots (or cold solder connection) is caused by not enough heat, poor cleaning prep, or impurities in the solder - all of which lead to weak connections and added electrical resistence.

    I did get a very apologetic response from Monster and an offer to replace the cable - but they lost me as a customer. I was less concerned with the quality of the work as I was that it made it out the door past their inspectors - in other words, no quality assurance checks. In all fairness, that was about 4 years ago, so perhaps things have changed.

    Anyway, I went to Radio Shack and paid less than half of Monster's price for Radio Shack's premium gold cable, hooked it up and had a brilliant color image.

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