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    Finding the Row Number after a VLOOKUP (Excel 2000)

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    Is there a way to write a formula to find the address, or row number, of the cell which is the result of a VLOOKUP formula:
    =vlookup(20,A2:B5,2). Now I would like a way to know that this result (Roger) was found on Row 3. Any help would be appreciated
    Thanks -- Cindy
    <pre> A B
    1 AGE NAME
    2 10 Cindy
    3 20 Roger
    4 30 Bill

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    Re: Finding the Row Number after a VLOOKUP (Excel 2000)

    You can use MATCH instead of VLOOKUP for this:


    will return 2 to indicate that the search value was found on row 2 of the range A2:A4. This is a relative row number within the searched range. To convert to an absolute row number, you must add the row number of the first row in the searched range, minus 1:


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    Re: Finding the Row Number after a VLOOKUP (Excel 2000)

    I would just do something simple like expanding the table to add a column of row numbers. In your case C2 would contain =ROW(C2), C3 contains =ROW(C3), etc. Then your formula would be =VLOOKUP(20,A2:C4,3). HTH --Sam
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