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    Hyperlink Default Name (FrontPage 2003)

    I have several pages that contain "static" information for several hundered fire departments. I am going to change this into an access driven dynamic page, so that the user can see the specific information they want, based on 3-4 different selection criteria. The problem I am having is that I also include a control called "map", whereby they click the hyperlink, a new window opens, and a map to the departments location is generated, using yahoo's map generator. In the static system this works great, because I am able to assign the map hyperlink to the name "map" under each department listing.

    My question is, when I set up the page for access data, how can I keep the map database control defaulted to show only "map" (with the related hyperlink assigned, and not the mile long hyperlink thread that is feeding it?

    If need be, I can tie the hyperlink to a .jpg or .gif file that says "map", if that is possible to do from a database.

    I have another question on how to get access driven pages to load faster, but that can wait until I get this problem solved first. As always, I thank you in advance for your assistance.

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    Re: Hyperlink Default Name (FrontPage 2003)

    It has been a long time since I used the built-in database controls in FrontPage. However, I think you can specify that the data from the database populate the HREF (location) part of the hyperlink, while the word Map populates the display text part of the hyperlink. Unfortunately, I can't access those old pages to show the "WEBBOT" code in action, and I don't have any place to install FP2003.

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