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    fixing headings with VBA (Word 2003)

    I have a template with problems in the heading numbering. The heading styles Heading1, Heading 2, and Heading 3 were defined with outline numbering a long time ago. I do not think they were set up properly from reading posts here because they do not all have the same sample selected in the Outline Numbering format box (the eight predefined ones). The numbering works correctly - a Heading 2 restarts numbering after a Heading 1 and a Heading 3 starts renumbering after a Heading 2. However, the indentation from the left margin gets lost periodically. If I correct the formatting in the template by formatting a Heading 1 like I want it and then clicking Styles and Formatting| Modify to Match Selection, it lasts for a while but eventually goes bad again. Whenever the Heading indentation gets screwed up, indentation and formatting for three other styles get messed up too even though they are not based on a Heading style. (I have two Hint styles and a HyphenLast style that also lose the correct indentation. The HyphenLast style is bulleted and the two Hint styles use Custom Numbering to say "Hint:". )

    I'm coming back to this problem after working on another project. When I first had this problem, I read something that told me that I should be using VBA to number my headings. I can't find that reference any more. Can anyone point me in the right direction or explain what is going on?

    Thanks for any advice. - Connor

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    Re: fixing headings with VBA (Word 2003)

    Hi Connor:
    You should set up numbering either with VBA or by following the advice in <post#=76976>post 76976</post#>. There are a number of articles on the Word MVP site. See
    Hope this helps,

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    Re: fixing headings with VBA (Word 2003)

    Thanks, Phil. I'll give this a shot.


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