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    Creating new events (2000 SP3)

    Hello everybody!
    I am still working on my template and still new problems come up... A new one is that you only may influence the layout ppLayoutText directly (one textfield). If you change the layout to, lets say, ppLayoutTwoColumnText (means two columns), the enumeration format is different, also the font size changes. My question: Is there any way to unify the layout of the textfield for all layout-styles? A workaround would be to create an event like "ChangeLayout" and to do the changes via macro when this event occurs. Unfortunately I do not know whether it is possible to create new events. Any ideas?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Many greetings, Porley

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    Re: Creating new events (2000 SP3)

    Sorry, I/we seemed to have missed your post. At this juncture, as I understand it there is no way to add autolayouts to PPT, and particularly to PowerPoint 2000. The workaround most people seem to use is to create a slide of each type that you want to use and then copy and paste the appropriate slide as you build your presentation.

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