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    Formatting when Forwarding mail (2003)

    Hi there
    I have some users who are having problems formatting existing (or received) mail when trying to forward it to other users. They've received mail where the e.g. need to change text style and colour. They can select the text, but they cannot make any formatting changes. The formatting toolbar is not greyed out, they are not using MS Word as the mail editor and they are using the HTML format.
    Could you please advise?
    Thank you

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    Re: Formatting when Forwarding mail (2003)

    I haven't used 2003, but possibly the text of the previous message is protected somehow to prevent you from, say, inserting the word "not" in it somewhere? The user could try copying and pasting the entire earlier message; this might render it editable, but it also might drastically change its appearance if the styles were very different from the user's defaults.

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    Re: Formatting when Forwarding mail (2003)

    I'm having this problem with an occasional message in 2003 and have not figured out a solution (though I haven't been obsessively looking for a solution). The first one was forwarded from a Japanese company so assumed that there was some special encoding.

    However more recently I have been getting it within my company occasionally, my experience is I'm getting messages that appear to be double spaced, and when I look at them in RTF they are single spaced but when I change the format to Plain text and save the message, the double spacing reappears. Wierd, and annoying.
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