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    Lotus Improv 2.1

    I know this is way off topic but I'm curious if anyone here has experience installing Lotus Improv 2.1 on Windows98SE or Windows XP Pro? I've read a couple of items online that seem to indicate some success with the install on Windows 95/98. I do have an original copy of Improv 2.0 along with the 2.1 update diskettes from Lotus. From the packaging, looks like it was originally meant for Windows 3.1...and I seem to remember running it on desktop PC of the era. I've looked at a similar package from Quatrex (sp?) but large purchase price deters casual usage. TIA for any hands-on experience. If this post is too far off-topic, please have the admin delete it. (remove NOSPAM)

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    Re: Lotus Improv 2.1

    No experience with Improv, but I have installed a very early version of Lotus 123 (for Windows 3.1) successfully on an ME machine and an XP machine. Works fine on both with "compatibility mode" not required.
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