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    Help.......IE shutting down. (xphome sp1)

    This is very long...please don't glaze over ~grin~

    On the 17th of Oct. I downloaded the latest hotfixes...(screenshot )
    <IMG SRC=>

    FYI, I have sp1, is the entry software distribution Service 2.0 odd??

    Now, for my Problem...
    yesterday (20th) I had 2 application popups come up and shutdown I.E. (please note that each one has diff. reference #'s "0x100199d4" etc. etc.)
    With nothing else running or open in the background, I was on an internet site, when I went to close the page I got the first popup. I went to event viewer and took a screenshot of this.

    <IMG SRC=>

    Later in the day, I was again on a webpage, this one was an ftp open in adobe (ver5), I was viewing the manual for psp8. Again when I went to close it, I got the application popup to close IE. screenshot below.
    <IMG SRC=>

    I googled both instances and came up empty.
    M$ says this when I linked from the event viewer screen:

    User Action
    "To correct this problem:

    Ensure that the program user has sufficient privileges to access the directory in which the driver is installed.
    Reinstall the program to restore the driver to the correct location"

    I am the admin and the only user.

    1) Is this related somehow to the hotfixes. And how do I fix these errors?

    2) As an added FYI, I have been also having trouble with my DSL losing service (I then have to refresh my modem, to get the service back but, yesterday, refreshing did not help. I then called my ISP, they had me disconnect from my router and connect the modem directly to the computer. They also said that the hotfixes of the past month were creating problems with security and firewalls. (I had been using the router firewall and Xp's firewall only, not a software one. They claim the xp firewall may be the problem and wanted me to run without it period, even with the router disconnected!!!!! at the moment I have the xp one connected) this they say MAY be what is causing my connection problems and I am to call a M$ # they gave me to see if they can help.) My DSL problems, by the way began about 3 weeks ago after I had downloaded 2 or 3 (can't recall now) hotfixes back that time, I also found the windows update page was changed, which created in my aplications (event viewer) a new thing called "esent" to appear whenever I start the computer, 2 start and then the next 2, 5 minutes later) (another screenshot ~grin~)

    <IMG SRC=>
    ..which I know is update related. another FYI I have autoupdates disabled, although in services, it is listed as "started", this I have not turned off as of yet.

    I know this is long winded, but am trying to give as much info as possible to help with a fix.
    At the moment I suppose, the popup shutdowns of IE are my main concern....and this is what I want addressed for now. I am wondering if IE is the whole problem with the related DSL problems. who knows. I am so confused ATM. ~grin~


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    Re: Help.......IE shutting down. (xphome sp1)

    Out of bounds memory references are caused by programming errors. Of course it's possible that Microsoft introduced there errors, but that is very difficult to trace; perhaps using the "Send Info" button will help get that patched. The second one could have been caused by the Acrobat plug-in. I don't think either of these is related to a connection problem; IE is very good at dealing with connection problems.

    So... what to do.

    First, if your ISP requires that you open a hole in your firewall so that it can confirm you are still there, they should be able to supply you a port number. If the Windows Firewall in XP SP2 (assuming you installed SP2) or the Internet Connection Firewall in Windows XP keeps a log of rejected connections, you might find the information in there. But it would be better to know for sure than to guess.

    Second, you may find that downloading .PDF files and opening them from the desktop or other folder gives more reliable (if slower) results than using the Acrobat plug-in.

    Third, if IE mysteriously closes all its windows, this could indicate a missing or corrupted Java Virtual Machine or Java Runtime Engine on a page that requires it. You can search this board for information on how to get an updated JRE from Sun Microsystems.

    Finally, I don't know what ESENT is. A program like StartupList or HijackThis may help you track down the executable file that starts it up, and then Googling may pinpoint its purpose.

    Hope this helps.

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