I just made a "Contacts" entry in Outlook & the following happened: For "Full Name" I made the following entry: F. M. Kirby Center. I copied that by Ctrl C and pasted it in "Company". The "File As" read: Center, F. M. Kirby so I clicked the drop down box and made it F. M. Kirby Center and entered the rest of the pertinent information. I went to "Mail" to get further info regarding this entry and when I clicked back to "Contacts", the following occured: My default "Contacts" are listed "By Category" and then by "File As". As I clicked back I noticed that the "File As" changed from F. M. Kirby Center to Center, F. M. Kirby, so I clicked on the entry to view the "Contact"info and looked at the "File As" but it still read F. M. Kirby Center. Addtionally, I noticed that the "Full Name" that I had entered had changed from F. M. Kirby Center (which I orginally entered) to F. Center.

What gives here? Sorry to be so long winded but I wanted to give all the details. Any help greatly appreciated !!!!!