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    auto fill / formatting

    I am trying to automatically fill a column of a spreadsheet that can be saved as a text file as follows.

    If in column A I have In column B I need
    1 0001
    2 0002
    23 0023
    123 0123
    9 0009
    3 0003
    33 0033
    7656 7656

    In column B I want these numbers as four digit numbers.
    I need to save this as a text file so column B cannot be formatted as numbers as the leading 0's will not save.

    Will concatenate fill in the required number of 0's? If not is there a function that will?

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    Re: auto fill / formatting

    You could convert the numbers to text with the TEXT() function so that if A1 contains 1, then TEXT(A1,"0000") will return 0001 as text.

    Hope that can help you.

    Andrew C

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