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    List styles (2003)

    i want to create a document which will run

    1 Heading (must be in bold)
    1.1 paragraph text
    1.2 paragraph text
    i) paragraph text
    ii) paragraph text

    2 Heading (must be in bold)

    The document is already written. What would be the best way to get this try of numbering in?



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    Re: List styles (2003)

    What styles do you currently have assigned to the various paragraphs?
    Is the numbering currently manually entered, or done with bullets and numbering, or not there at all?

    The way I would approach this is to:
    <UL><LI>Decide to use styles "Heading 1", "Heading 2" and "Heading 3" for the three types of paragraph
    <LI>Assign these styles to the first few examples of each paragraph type
    <LI>Set all the formatting styles of each heading so that everything except for the numbering looks right
    <LI>Put the cursor in a "Heading 1" paragraph
    <LI>Make a single visit to the Bullets and Numbering box
    <UL><LI>Set the correct numbering scheme for all levels
    <LI>Use the more button to make sure each level is assigned to the correct heading[/list]<LI>Assign the styles to the rest of the paragraphs in the document[/list]StuartR

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