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    shrinking taskbar (Xp /SP2)

    Hi All,
    I usually have my windows XP taskbar vertically on the right side of screen. I prefer it there - it feels easier to access programs.

    Everytime I reboot windows, the taskbar shrinks a little bit in width. This happens even if I have Lock the Taskbar on. It is easy enough to drag it back to the width I like but it is annoying to have to do it everyday.

    Does anyone know why this happens. I never had this happening when my taskbak was horizontal along the bottom. Also, it has happened on all the machine I have worked on in the last few years.

    Thanks, Mike C.

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    Re: shrinking taskbar (Xp /SP2)

    See this newsgroup thread. Apparently, the problem occurs if you use a Windows XP theme AND display the Language bar. Switching to the Windows Classic theme or turning off the Language bar should make the problem go away. HTH.

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