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    Building subreports (Access 2000)

    I am afraid i have a formidable task and i am afraid i cannot do it.Can somebody help me with constrcting subreports?
    I want to have one report that shows:

    1. Clients who have not received an offer, but who had not turned us down
    2. Clients who have not received an offer but who had turned us down, i.e. declined to accept the offer
    3. Clients who have received an offer and who had not turned it down
    4. Clients who have received an offer but who had turned it down

    I have to open the report depending on the month chosen and on the office chosen.therefore i have 2
    options boxes. Monaten, for the months and office for the offices.

    I have 2 tables, tblClients ansd tbl Offers.My idea is to build 4 different queries and from these queries to build one report and 3 subreports.
    I have tried, but reached nowwhere and i am at the point of despair.
    Can somebody help me ?

    I am applying the database with the queries.

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    Re: Building subreports (Access 2000)

    I don't quite understand all the situations, or how you would detect them. Specifically, the customers that turned down an offer when you hadn't even made it yet.

    But rather than subreports (unless you want to show alot of different information), you might try first creating a query using a Left Outer Join to connect your Customer table with the Offers table, such that you show All customers and only those Offers in which the linking field is the same. For any customer without an offer, all the Offer fields will be null. You can then use the report grouping/sorting options to get the customers in the order you want (all customers that don't have an offer may come first, etc.).
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