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    Outlook Quirk (Outlook 2000 SR1)


    My friend has this quirk in Outlook 2000 SR1:

    "I have a distribution list in Outlook (not Express) and I have changed its
    name, but the old shortcut still applies. For example, if I have the name,
    "3 friends" I can type "3" in the "to" field and it will resolve to the name
    "3 friends" and will send the message to all the addresses in the
    distribution list. (Interestingly, if I subsequently change the name to "5
    friends" and modify the distribution list, typing "3", it will bring up the
    modified list.) If I delete the distribution list and add a new one, say
    "email 3 friends", then "3" will resolve to the old name, but it won't be
    able to find the associated addresses. Is there any way to delete what I
    suspect to be the underlying hash table so I can start again (or reprocess
    the associations, but I think that would be more of a pain)?"

    TIA for your help.

    Bob Wahlen

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    Re: Outlook Quirk (Outlook 2000 SR1)

    It's in the Nickname file (outlook.nck); the nickname for that DistList needs to be deleted. There's a discussion on editing nicknames in the thread starting at <post#=370491>post 370491</post#>, and the MSKB reference in my post in there should help you locate the nickname editing tool that was available for Outlook 2000.
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