I am looking for an explanation to the following enigma. We are using Windows XP within our organization in conjunction with Office XP SR3, DOCS Open version 3.9.5 Build 90 (from Hummingbird), ForeMost Enterprise 2.6. As part of the installation on the client's machine, a path to the ForeMost server as been added to the Path variable. A several weeks ago, the server that hosts Foremost and DOCS Open failed. Since DOCS Open is closely integrated with Office XP, it means that users could not use any of the Office applications. But the problem extended beyond Office. If a user tried to Open My Computer for example, they experienced long delays. Someone suggested here that, if there is a drive mapped to this server or that there is pointer to this server in the Path variable, that it would explain the long delays as the user's machine is polling the server, until it times out, at which the user regains control of the machine. Is this a plausible explanation? If so, how can reduce the the timeout delay?