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    Combo Box (Access 2002)

    I have a combo box on my form and I have set the Auto Expand to "Yes". The problem is that the Combo Box will complete the six position field based on entering the first value. I thought that Auto Expand would move to the second value once the first value found a match; then enter the second value and match would be made based on the first two values.

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    Re: Combo Box (Access 2002)

    "Six position field"? What are you describing? If you have ABCD and ABCDE in a list and you type ABCD, it will find the first one. If you type ABCDE it will find the second, assuming these are unique values. Is this not what you're seeing? It sounds like what you're seeing is the result of an improper structure in the rowsource of the combo. The bound field must be a unique value. With ABCD in the list twice bound to ABCD and ABCDE, you can't find ABCDE if that's what you're attempting, because the key value is the same and will alwys result in the first choice.

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