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    Selecting Last Value in a cloumn of values

    I am trying to program a small pay sheet and want to set a date field value as the last date value entered in a particular column.
    At present I am entering this value manually onto the pay sheet. This value is then pulling in the values for the other values such as net, tax and gross etc.
    I would also like to have a macro to print out the pay sheets for all the staff that worked in that particular week.

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    Re: Selecting Last Value in a cloumn of values

    If your dates are consecutive, that is the most recent is the latest entry in the column, then =MAX(A:A) should return the required date if the column used is A. You can of course confine it to a specific range within the column , e.g. = Max(A2:A53)

    As to the print macro, that would depend the structure of the rest of your worksheet, but should be possible. If you could provide a sample file with dummy data, I am sure somebody would help.

    Andrew C

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