Greetings all!

This is a strange problem that's been something of an annoyance for months now. I can no longer use Desktop Themes.

For quite some time, I had Win98 configured to change themes monthly (I'm easily bored). No problem. One day (at or around November 1 of last year--though I'm not quite ready to call it Halloween-related), I tried booting up. The standard "Wild Creatures" theme started loading--and stopped in mid-load. I tried exiting gracefully through the three-finger salute, but nothing worked. Wound up having to pull the plug (literally).

I tried several solutions, but still couldn't fully boot up until I went back to the Windows Default "theme."

I lived with this until this past weekend, when something possessed me to download some new themes and install one. No problem in the Control Panel, and everything installed nicely. The theme looked quite good--until I rebooted. Back to where I started.

Has anyone seen anything like this? I do have a bunch of stuff loading at startup, but can't imagine there'd be a conflict. All thoughts are appreciated!

I'm running a Dell Dimension, Win98 SE with all current patches. Intel i810 video card (current driver, AFAIK).

Mike McCallister
Boulder, CO