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    Protection ,,,, Shared (2003)

    I'm having trouble combining the protection and shared features in a worksheet. I'd like to lock everyone but me out of all the columns except L thru O. I still want access to everything. But when I try to combine this with sharing, I keep screwing it up. What am I doing wrong.

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    Re: Protection ,,,, Shared (2003)

    I everything is protected except what you specifically unlock. You would have to unlock cols L-O and then protect the sheet. This protection will still remove certain functionality from the cols even though they are unlocked.

    Sharing also removes certain functionality whether the sheet is protected or not.

    If you are more specific about what you need to do and not do, there may be other options.

    Personally, I have not heard many good things about sharing and have heard that it may lead to corruption and other problems, in addition to limiting the functionality of the workbook.


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