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    Importing Excel Spreadsheet into Word 2003 (Word 2003)

    In Word 2002 it's easy to open an Excel Spreadsheet into word by choosing Open, channge Files of type to All and double click the worksheet. In the Open Worksheet dialog box click OK and the sheet appears in Word 2002. But if the same procedure is used in 2003, no Open Worksheet box appears and a File Conversion Box appears instead. Is this something new in 2003 or am I missing a setting that has to be changed so Word will recognize an Excel sheet. Thanks in advance for any info.
    P.S. I have tried the "Confir conversion at Open" option in the General tab box in the Options box but this doesn't help.

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    Re: Importing Excel Spreadsheet into Word 2003 (Wo

    With Office 2003 Microsoft removed the feature that allowed you to do this. The file that allowed you to open an Excel workbook in Word was the text converter file excel32.cnv. If you have an older version of Office you can copy that file into the following directory:
    C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedTextConv
    You will then be able to open Excel files in Word but will probably get a security warning.

    Users who installed Office 2003 on top of an older version of Office may already have the file in that folder so will already be able to open Excel files in Word.

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    Re: Importing Excel Spreadsheet into Word 2003 (Wo

    Others have felt your pain. Here's a recent (long) thread on the same problem: Inserting Excel into Word (Word 2003/Excel 2003 SP1).

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