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    Meeting Remider (Outlook 2003)

    I have permission to my bosses calendar. I log into Outlook like I always do and then I open my bosses calendar. I need to setup a meeting. I setup the meeting and I check reminder for 2 days. I setup the reminder so when I get the reminder I can setup the Agenda for the meeting. Here is my problem. Can I get the reminder to be sent to me and not my boss? The reminder is going to my boss and me doesn't need to see it......

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    Re: Meeting Remider (Outlook 2003)

    The simplest approach I can think of in native Outlook is that you add yourself as an Optional Attendee and send the meeting as a request to your self without any reminder. Then when you get the meeting notice add a reminder. Unfortunately this will have the effect of filling your calendar with your bosses' appointments. One way around this ensuing problem would be to move all those to a separate Calendar and then buy Extended Reminders from SlovakTech, and set it to fire on that Calendar.
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