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    Outlook Express Printing (6.0)

    When I attempt to print an email in "OutlookExpress" I get an error in script - error line: 1344, character:1, error: unspecified error, code: o ,url: res://c:windowssystem32shdoclc.dll/preview.dlg - and then it asks me if I want to continue to run scripts on this matter if I click Y or N nothing happens and nothing will print....... I can print from anywhere else on my computer but NOT Outlook Express. Any ideas ????

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    Re: Outlook Express Printing (6.0)

    Welcome to the Lounge

    I have not experienced this problem myself but searching through the Microsoft newsgroups it appears to happen quite often. Many posts refer users to four MS knowledge base articles that are listed on this page under "Script_errors involving preview.dlg when printing" though these articles do not exactly match the error given.

    One solution that has fixed the problem for many people is detailed in this newsgroup post and involves missing registry entries. I have checked my registry and all of those keys are listed with the values as shown in that post.

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    Re: Outlook Express Printing (6.0)

    Similar errors in shdoclc.dll have popped up in the past. I researched one once, using Google Groups to search usenet posts, and compiled what I found in <post#=292528>post 292528</post#>. Your error message is slightly different, so a fresh search probably is warranted.

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