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    WinXP and Blackboard (SP 1)

    My wife is running into problems with Explorer and possibly Win XP Pro. The university she attends uses "BlackBoard" for many classes. It's like a BBS system for the students so the teachers can send them assignments or, like my wife did last night, they can even give quizzes and exams. The problem is that when she logs onto Blackboard, the screen loads, then it is blanked out. This just started late last week and I have loaded no new software at that time. She has her own log-in profile, as do both my kids and myself. The same thing happens on the kid's profile when I experimented there, but DOES NOT occur on mine. Other web sites appear to work just fine. I have deleted their profiles, then created new ones, but it still does this. My wife needs access to this for her class. Does anyone have any idea(s) on what is going on? I don't know if this is an IE or Win XP problem or both. As far as I can tell, I have SP 1, but not SP 2.

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    Re: WinXP and Blackboard (SP 1)

    Cross-posted and already answered here in the <!post=Internet Explorer,421004>Internet Explorer<!/post> forum - I'll lock this thread to prevent duplicate and diverging threads.
    Further replies there please.

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