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    Mouse Freezes Overnight


    And no, I don't put it in the fridge! I recently reinstalled my system to use Windows XP SP-2. Everything is fine, except that if I leave my computer on all night, the mouse (a Logitech optical cordless) does not respond. I don't have anything exotic installed on my system, just Office XP, Visual Studio 6, Norton SystemWorks 2005, and Norton Ghost 9. Hardware is an 800 MHz Pentium III with an 80 GB drive. Battery level for the mouse is fine.

    I'm the only one who uses the computer, so sometimes at night I just disable my internet connection and turn off the monitor, without bothering to log off. The next morning the mouse is frozen, and I have to use the keyboard to close my programs and reboot the computer. Then everything is fine.

    My hardware and software set up is identical from before except for going from Windows 2000 SP4 to Windows XP SP2. I never had this problem with Windows 2000. The problem seems to take at least several hours to occur, because if I leave the computer for dinner or something, I have no trouble with the mouse upon returning.

    Hardly a show stopper of a problem, but any ideas on what could cause this?


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    Re: Mouse Freezes Overnight

    I too have a Logitech optical cordless and don't have a bit of problem with it. So, may I ask if you've installed the Logitech SOFTWARE for the mouse? Many people have found that Logitech driver software is sometimes problematic. I don't find it necessary to install their software as Win XP seems to deal with the mouse (and keyboard, in my case) just fine without any Logitech software. If you have the Logitech software installed, how about trying an un-install, delete the mouse from Device Manager and reboot. Let Windows identify it as a simple PS/2 mouse and see what happens. See attachment for what my Device Manager says.
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