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    Outlook Warning Message (Outlook 2002 (XP SP-2))


    Since I've upgraded to Office XP, I've had the warning message in the attached jpg file appear whenever I start Outlook for the first time and then click on the To... button to start composing an e-mail. The only program I have that would need to check for my e-mail addresses other than Outlook is WinFax Pro. I never had this message though when I used Outlook 2000 with WinFax installed. Is this some additional feature of Outlook 2002 (or Windows XP SP-2, which I recently upgraded to?)

    The message is rather uninformative. Is there a way to determine what program the message is referring to?

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Re: Outlook Warning Message (Outlook 2002 (XP SP-2

    I assume you had Office 2000 upgraded to SR-1, but not to SP2 or SP3, both of which had similar anti-mass-mailing-worm protections.

    Anyway, you should not see this message when creating a blank message, unless you have a customized form that contains script or you have a macro or add-in that does special things when you create a new message. What happens if you click No? Do you get an error dialog? If so, and the Debug button is enabled, click that and see where you end up. If there is no error dialog after clicking No, the program trying to send mail may have accounted for the possibility that you would deny it access. It could be an add-in or a virus. Hard to know without a lot more poking around.

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