<P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by charlotte on 27-Oct-04 17:03. to activate link)</P>I'm cranking out small utilities for some CAD software many of which are not stand alone apps, they're really part of the main app itself so when I create the "setup" files from VB I need it to put the file in the CAD sysystems directory which is not part of one of MS's "standard" directories. From the File System editor I can create all kinds of MS standard folders but how do you target something in a totally arbitrary path? I have found the "Custom Folder" but that just seems to be some modification to one of the already standard folders and I haven't found anything very explicit on how to use it. I also found something on an MSDN page


talking about adding an "arbitrary folder" but I don't see the "File System" to Double-click in their description.

What I'd really like is to target the folder on an environment string in case the vendor moves it with the next install.

Any ideas?