<font color=blue>Figured it out -- used mostly ASP and javascript <font face="Georgia">onChange="java script:document.PS_LeftSide.submit()"</font face=georgia> to make the form submit as soon as a change is made to the combo box. no more need to use the silly submit button...</font color=blue>

I have a framed page and when a selection on the combo box is picked a different page loads to the top right frame depending on the selection. the top right frame gives you links to specific forms and when you click on the link the form you want appers in the lower left frame. It all works ok at the moment, but I want to improve it.

Specifically, the top right frame should load when you pick something in the combo box (don't want to require people to click a button) and the entire page should refresh when the option 'Select a Division' is selected.

I think I need to write an on change() event handler and was wondering if anyone has a canned solution to capturing combo box selections. I'll google around of course but thought I'd ask the loungers as well.

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