If you've ever tried the RmDir command in Mac VBA, you've noticed it doesn't work. This is because each Mac folder contains a hidden file called "Icon".

RmDir doesn't work on folders that contain files, so your next step might be to use Kill to delete the hidden file. Of course, Kill, doesn't work on hidden files, so first you have to change it to a normal file using GetAttr with the vbNormal constant.

Unfortunately, the GetAttr command doesn't work on the Mac. Even though Mac VBA help includes vbNormal and vbHidden as two of GetAttr's valid constants, VBA doesn't actually change an invisible file to a visible one. So you can't delete a folder!

Attempting to report this bug to Microsoft resulted (once more!) in a request for $245 for Advanced Support. Thanks Bill!

BTW, if you're ever trying to delete a folder created by Office installation on Windows, you can do it with the above GetAttr-Kill-RmDir series, as each MS folder contains a hidden, read-only file called mscreate.dir that must made visible and deleted.