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    Explorer Restricted file (XP)

    Hi can someone tell me how I can get my Hp image software back? I downloaded windows updates from Microsoft about 3 months ago and ever sense that I cannot get my Image (which came with my computer) to work. I went to search and typed in HP image zone and it gave me 4 options to pick from, one being an Internet explorer icon option. After clicking on it, It says do you notice the information bar? I click OK.The message is to help protect your security, Internet
    Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that access your computer. When I click on it and pick allow blocked content, it will open the program. How do I get this program unrestricted?
    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Explorer Restricted file (XP)

    After getting the SP2 update, go to Internet Options under Tools on the menu and on the security tab you will see a setting that will allow you to uncheck blocking that.

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