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    Email without Outlook? (2000 to 2002)

    Is there something I can use, other than Outlook, when automating emails from Access? Outlook used to be a good choice; it does everything I need and everybody has a copy. However, the security pop-ups make Outlook/Access applications very messy. I've been using ExpressClickYes (which I think someone on this Forum recommended) to get around this. It's great, it speeds things up and users don't have to click on anything themselves, but it looks messy and the users have to remember to turn it on before they send emails from Access.

    I've used a thing called CDONT for sending emails from an ASP application but I think that only runs on a server. Is there anything similar out there for sending emails from a workstation? The situation I have in mind is a small nursing agency that occasionally needs to email all its nurses (about a hundred). They have a network of five or six XP machines on a Small Business Server. The volume of emails will therefore not be high, and I assume that a workstation should be able to handle it.

    Thanks, Ian

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    Re: Email without Outlook? (2000 to 2002)

    Take a look at the Redemption library. It bypasses all those troublesome security messages by using Extended MAPI calls. You can license the dll and add calls to it to your application, so users don't have to do anything extra to send emails. We use this in our commercial applications with no problems.

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