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    Reviewing toolbar revisited (Office 2003)

    Hey folks,

    Did a search and found others had this problem with "XP"; don't know if this is the same but...
    Since installing Office11, every app I open starts with the reviewing task bar active. Thought it activated by someone sending something for review, then maybe on opening a file from another user, but then noticed it pops up even with my own documents. Some genias (did I spell that right?) at MS decided I wanted to review my own document, each time I opened it. Thought I could turn it off from options (like the useless task pane); but no joy... haven't been able to identify anything in the registry either. Guess I could write an autoexec macro for Word; but since they hosed global macros in Excel, don't know how to tackle.

    Anyone found a 'more elegant' solution? Aw, heck elegant, anything that stops this accursed thing!!!


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    Re: Reviewing toolbar revisited (Office 2003)

    I gave in and docked it permanently under my Formatting toolbar. The good thing about this is I can determine whether there might be hidden changes in the document because it will say something other than Final Showing Markup. But if you never want to see this bar ever, ever again, you might be able to disable it. If you search the Word board for posts on how to disable the web toolbar, you will find the trick. Because toolbars work almost the same way in Word and Excel, the same line of code entered in the same VB Editor Immediate window should work for both. Hope this helps.

    Added: I use Office XP. I believe Office 2003 handle "hidden" changes differently, by showing them even if the author had hidden them, but this is based on posts I have read here. Haven't had a chance to play with it yet.

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