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    Changing Web Hosts (Front Page XP)

    While discussing various items with a potential new webhost, he said something about "when you cancel your contract with your existing web host, all you need to do is point your dns to the IP number we will give you. Since this was online chat, I didn't have a chance to ask him to explain, just jotted it down and now I wonder if anyone can explain that to me. Is that something I can do from Front Page, or do I need to go into the Internet to do that?

    I really am very ignorant of this sort of thing but guess I need to find out quickly as we want to move the site to a new host.


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    Re: Changing Web Hosts (Front Page XP)

    When you register a domain name, you (or the service company that did it for you) were required to supply the addresses of two DNS hosts (domain name servers or name servers). Those name servers are listed when you do a whois search at InterNIC (or the appropriate registry for various other top level domains). Your domain's name servers store the location of your various sites (e.g., You will need to contact the provider operating your name servers for instructions on how you can point your domain to the new address. If it's the ISP you're canceling, make sure you won't lose your name service!

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