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    Copy Data (Frontpage 2002)

    Is it possible to copy and paste sections from a .pdf file I am looking at in Acrobat? It doesn

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    Re: Copy Data (Frontpage 2002)

    (Not sure how this is related to FrontPage...)

    PDF files can consist either of formatted text, or of just a bitmap image of text. If it's a bitmap, the only way to capture the text is to use an OCR (optical character recognition) program. If it is text, you usually can select it with the mouse. You might need to click the text selection button on the toolbar first. If it cannot be selected, or it can be selected but not copied, the author may have set security on the document. You can confirm this by checking File>Document Properties>Security, or something similar to that, if you download the file and open it in Adobe Reader; I don't know if you can get this information from the browser plug-in.

    One other option if you download the file and open in Adobe Reader is to export to plain text (I think it's File>Save as Text).

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