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    FP2000 - Watermark Image with a Theme?

    For ease of modification, I opted to use a FrontPage themeset, applied using CSS. Great, it works, it's beautiful, but there's one thing I haven't been able to figure out:

    How can I make the background image a non-scrolling watermark? In IE you can specify this in the page source by using the following syntax in the body tag:


    But I can't seem to do this from within a theme. Is there a way to pull it off?? Or should I put an include in the page source? I need a way to affect all pages in the web with one source of change.

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    Re: FP2000 - Watermark Image with a Theme?

    you are looking for a css property called -
    background-attachment: fixed
    you can find a more complete description of this and other related css properties at <A target="_blank" HREF=>CSS Specifications: Colors and Backgrounds</A>
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